Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Over the years the Biola University Department of Art and the CCCA have hosted a series of visual arts symposia that have engaged both the Biola academic community as well as the larger Southern California arts community in stimulating and thoughtful dialogues regarding contemporary art and Christian faith. 

The goals of the Annual Biola Arts Symposium are four-fold:

  1. to create a compelling forum for artists to gather to discuss and think about their vocation in a contemporary context
  2. to open space for dialogue between Christians and non-Christians regarding the relationship of art and faith
  3. to foster rich cross-disciplinary discussions concerning contemporary visual culture
  4. to positively contribute to a broader regional Christian academic discourse.


The Biola Art Symposium was thrilling. The level of discourse was very high (without being inaccessible). There was a nice balance of speakers on theory/theology with artists discussing their actual practice. The conference ran smoothly and remarkably on schedule. There were plenty of breaks for refreshment and conversation. I can’t think of any art and faith conference that I would rather attend.

— James Romaine, Professor of Art History, Nyack College, Nyack, New York

Biola University continues to inspire and encourage with its annual free gift of the Biola Arts Symposium. Each year the topics range far beyond usual symposium fare. The speakers are extremely challenging and the panels offer stimulating dialogue. Never dull, never a waste of time, this not to be missed event is a refreshing anti-symposium, symposium for the cerebral.

— Denise Weyhrich, Curator, SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits, Orange, CA

As a first-time attendee of the Art Symposium at Biola University, I was immediately impressed by the sophistication of the dialogue and honesty given to the topic of being an artist and a Christian. The speakers came from a broad swath of artistic fields, yet each person had a clear sense of how their art and faith intersected and informed the other. I left with my mind full of thoughts and ideas not only of the world of art, but for my own life and faith-journey. Thanks for a wonderful experience. I look forward to the next Biola Art Symposium.

— Victor Van Zandt, Director of Planning and Construction, University of California, Irvine, CA

The Biola Art Symposium represents, to my mind, some of the best of what Biola University has to offer: A respect for and attention to outside scholars and artists whose work and life intersects with Biola's faith-directed commitment to other people and the culture at large. Two or three of my most memorable intellectual and/or aesthetic experiences in my time here have been occasioned by these art symposia. I'm truly grateful for (and, it should go without saying, wholeheartedly support) its continuing, thriving existence.

— Christopher Davidson, Professor of English, Biola University 

I have attended a number of Biola art symposiums and have been continually impressed as these gatherings have offered tremendous insight into what it means to be a practicing Christian artist in a secular and often hostile environment. At the conclusion of each conference I feel refreshed and invigorated, filled with new insights and possibilities which I then apply to my work. I am grateful for these events and look forward to more, as they have been a tremendous blessing to me personally.

— Alice Emmons, Visual Artist and Curator


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