Ready to See

exhibition by Dan Callis and Tina Linville

WhenSaturday, March 4 – Saturday, April 15, 2017
LocationJason Vass Gallery, 1452 E. Sixth Street Los Angeles, CA 90021

Jason Vass (1452 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021) presents Ready to See, an exhibition of new works by Dan Callis and Tina Linville. The opening reception will be on Saturday, March 4, at 6 – 9 p.m. For more information, see Jason Vass.

Ready to See is a two person exhibition of sculpture and painting. Each work is the product of a unique embodiment derived out of the artists' cumulative experiences. Both Callis and Linville’s work display consciously evolved processes, evidenced by labored surfaces of contemplative and instinctual accumulation. The work adopts personhood and takes on a lived life. It becomes an archive of conversation between mark and material, structure and concept. The exhibition will continue through April 15, 2017.

Dan Callis’s work is inspired by the relationship between the painting as a physical entity and a transcendent metaphoric object. Callis makes paintings that stress themselves as material objects, yet also engage the metaphor of picture making. There is the subject of the hand, of color, of the paint itself. There is also the subject of poetic image. It is in this relationship that Callis finds strong connections to the experience of being in body. Callis thinks of his paintings as obstructions and yet they are also points of interface. They are joyfully occupying a space between receding and becoming.

Tina Linville combines basic tendencies of collecting and arranging with textile construction processes that showcase human ingenuity to transform salvaged everyday objects and materials into densely worked sculptural forms. Linville’s studio practice prioritizes instinctual and intuitive knowledge operating into the art impulse from the inside out. Linville creates things that side step easy categorization, blurring distinctions between abstraction and representation, objecthood and installation, form and surface. What is ordinary becomes mysterious and out of undervalued parts comes an indelible whole.

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