Theology for Art's Sake

by Jonathan Anderson & Daniel Siedell

Jonathan Anderson and Dan Siedell discuss Siedell's book, Who's Afraid of Moden Art?: Essays on Modern Art and Thelogy in Conversation.

Daniel Siedell, formerly the the Director of Whale & Star, the Miami-based studio of artist Enrique Martínez Celaya, has taught modern and contemporary art history, theory, and criticism at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Sidell was also Chief Curator of the Sheldon Museum of Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for eleven years. His art historical research interests are the work of Enrique Martínez Celaya, Abstract Expressionism, and theology and the nature of belief in contemporary art. Siedell's work as an art historian, critic, and curator operates at the intersection of art history, cultural criticism, theology, and philosophy. He is motivated by the conviction that Christian thought and practice, as it is embodied in the seven ecumenical councils, can nourish a deeper and more expansive understanding of contemporary artistic practice. He is a Fellow at the Center for the Theology of Cultural Engagement in Portland, Oregon.

Jonathan Anderson has been teaching at Biola University since 2006. He holds an M.F.A. from California State University Long Beach, where he received the Distinguished Achievement Award in Drawing & Painting. He is an actively exhibiting artist, including exhibitions at the US Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand; Phantom Galleries in Long Beach, CA; the Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego, CA; George Fox University in Newberg, OR; and numerous other galleries around the country. Anderson’s work is heavily influenced by 20th-century philosophy and takes the figure/ground relationship in painting as his primary preoccupation. In addition, Professor Anderson is a regular speaker and writer about art, focusing especially on bringing contemporary art and Christian theology into more meaningful conversation with each other.

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