Curating Sacred Space

by Stephen Proctor, Roy Cochran & Jason Leith

Curating Sacred Space workshop from the 2015 CCCA Arts Conference entitled the Digitization of the Christian Imagination.
The 2015 arts conference explores the challenges and opportunities of digital technology on the imaginative life of the Christian artist. The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed an unprecedented wave of unlimited creative opportunities for artists in all fields. Does this democratization of digital tools result in better art, film, music and literature or is true talent instead drowned out in the vast digital ocean of mass culture? This year’s conference will address this question and explore the exciting creative possibilities and challenges offered by digital technologies. 

Jason Leith, Roy Cochran and Stephen Proctor lead a workshop discussing the role of art in today’s church and how digital media transforms worship into a full-sensory experience. Drawing from the history of illuminated manuscripts, they explore how technology can illuminate our own experience of God.

Stephen Proctor is an illuminator whose primary focus is designing & VJ-ing immersive experiences using projection & media. At the heart, Stephen is a curator of visual worship who seeks to unleash people’s imaginations through moments of wonder & astonishment. Not only does he love to create these experiences, but he loves to teach others about visual worship and how art can play a powerful role in today’s Church. Much of his work is done in collaboration with artists & authors such as GÜNGÖR, All Sons & Daughters, Beth Moore, Travis Cottrell, Glenn Packiam, Paul Baloche, Ian Cron, Stu G, Aaron Niequist & The Brilliance. You can also see Stephen’s work and hear him teach at various gatherings, such as Luminous Project, the late ECHO conference, National Worship Leaders Conference & SALT Nashville (a conference dedicated to visual worship).

Jason Leith is in leadership at Ex Creatis which is a community-focused arts initiative in alliance with Saddleback Church with a mission of transforming community through creativity.

Roy Cochran is a pastor to artists, worship leader and mentor. Roy has extensive experience leading worship and mentoring artists throughout Southern California. Roy leads the Grove Gatherings. Roy lives with his wife and sons in San Diego. Roy likes the word 'awesome'.

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